Sometimes the body just needs WATER... no flavors, no powders and no sugars... just simple, clean, refreshing water - Bare Water™. 

  • Bare Water™ is good for your body - it is cleaner, safer and healthier than municipal water sources (think Flint, Michigan) and improves the body's natural function.  
  • Bare Water™ is good for your wallet - it is less expensive than "other" commercially available purified drinking waters. 
  • Bare Water™ is good for your environment - it has an overall smaller carbon footprint than bottled waters and has zero impact on our nation's landfills.  
  • Bare Water™ is good for your pet - fish, dogs, cats and birds love Bare Water™!



Bare Water™ is Local & Green

you are buying from the source...

How local is Bare Water™?  When you fill your bottles at a Bare Water™ location, you are literally standing a few feet from the source.  The water is filtered, softened and sanitized ON SITE just moments before being dispensed into your bottle - you can't get more local or fresh than that!  Buying local is also beneficial to our environment:  1)  It eliminates the need for gas-guzzling air-polluting delivery trucks, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and 2) also eliminates the need for huge landfills to dump all the empty bottles (which will never biodegrade!).   Do the right thing for your health and the environment, buy Bare Water™. 

Bare Water™ is Less Expensive

We cut out the middle men - you save...

When compared to bottled water, Bare Water™ costs about 75% less.  How can Bare Water™ charge so little?  Well, we don't need a huge manufacturing plant to make bottles or a processing plant to fill them.  We don't need trucks or labor to deliver those bottles across the country or to the local stores.  We process and dispense ultra-filtered water on site whenever you want it right into your bottle, no need to slog your containers through the grocery store ever again.  Bare Water™ is direct from the source to you.  We don't sell to a distributor, who then sells to a store, who then sells to you.  Mmmmm... fresh for less!

Bare Water™ is Cleaner & Safer

Don't drink tap water - ewwww...

When you were a kid, you'd drink from the water hose.  As an adult, you might also drink from your home tap, trusting  it to be safe and clean for you and your family, but don't be so sure.  Bare Water™ providers use a sophisticated water-treatment system designed to remove dirt and other solid particles, chemicals, and bacteria left behind by the standard municipal treatment process, making it cleaner, safer and better tasting (without any added chemicals or additives!) than the tap water from your local water provider.  Trust Bare Water™.

Bare Water™ is for Athletes

perform at your best for longer...

Athletes of all ages can benefit from drinking good water; it nourishes muscles, improves performance, restores strength and removes toxins and other pollutants. As a matter of fact, athletes across the country believe in Bare Water™.  It is the official water of The Dallas Roughnecks (Professional Ultimate Disc Team). Whether you are a 4 year old soccer star, competitive runner or cyclist, peewee football hero or athletic champion of yesteryear, drink the water that you and your body deserve!   Drink Bare Water™ to perform at your best.   Note:  Cold, delicious Bare Water™ is dispensed into your container in four convenient quantities/sizes:  32 oz, 1 gal, 3 gal and & 5 gal.

Bare Water™ is Hydrating

Great for your skin, mood and health...

The average human body is ~65% water, and hydration is one of a few essential needs for human beings.  Water is critical to health and efficient body function, providing 5 essential functions:  1) carries nutrients to skin, hair and  organs, 2) removes waste and toxins from the body, 3) helps with digestion, 4) regulates body temperature and 5) acts as a lubricant for joints and a cushioning agent for eyes, brain, and spinal cord.  Bodies function best with regular consumption of clean water, why risk your body to anything less than ultra-filtered, pure Bare Water™?

Bare Water™ is Loved by Pets

Dogs, cats & fishys too...

It may not make sense to think pets love clean, fresh water when they often drink from our toilets and chlorinated swimming pools and spas, but customer feedback provides evidence to the contrary.    Animals have keen senses and are very discerning ... especially about water.  Customers report their cats and dogs prefer* Bare Water™ over standard tap water (*based on daily water consumption when offered both tap water and Bare Water™ side-by-side).    Good clean drinking water for your pets is essential and helps them lead happier healthier lives and live longer!  Bare Water™ is also ideal (and much safer) to refill or add to your fish aquariums!